Every translation on this site contains a Further Reading and Links section, which directs the reader to both printed and web-based resources for the individual author or text in question. The resources listed below indicate the more general web-sites that I have visited and found particularly noteworthy. They are divided into general sites and sites created by individual translators:

Brindin Press website

Launched by Brian Cole in October 2000, this has become one of the richest and most comprehensive sites for literary translation into English, particularly of poetry. It currently [2008] contains translations from over 40 languages, and by nearly 600 translators. Complete texts are presented, as well as extracts from longer works; and over 60 ‘virtual books’ also appear, as well as 55 ‘virtual chapbooks’. Not the least of the site’s merits is that it is scrupulously updated every month.
British Centre for Literary Translation

Founded in 1989, and based at the University of East Anglia, the British Centre is a major hub for literary translation in the United Kingdom.
Resources for the Literary Translator

Presents a useful list of books concerned with literary translation, together with mailing-lists, newsgroups, and web-pages.
Doug Robinson: Translation-Related Resources

A massive resource of information about resources for literary translators: books, companies, organisations, language-specific bibliographies, subject-specific lists, computer-aided translations, jobs, conferences, journals, and so forth. An indispensable overview of the world of translation.
Modern Poetry in Translation

An excellent journal, founded by Daniel Weissbort and Ted Hughes in 1966, and with an international reputation for its range and quality. Appearing twice a year, each issue generally focuses upon a particular theme (Russian Women Poets, Iraqi Poetry Today, European Voices, Diaspora, Metamorphoses, for example), as well as more general material.
Metamorphoses: A Journal of Literary Translation

A fine journal of literary translation ‘out of (and into) all languages’. Published twice a year, a considerable portion of it is available on-line.
Carcanet Press

Now in its fourth decade, Carcanet Press provides one of the most comprehensive and diverse lists of modern and classic poetry, both in English and in translation. It also publishes a range of inventive fiction, lives and letters, and literary criticism.
Translation Journal

An online journal, begun in 1997, covering all fields and aspects of translation.
Michael Haldane: Translations

A wide ranging site, containing academic and general essays on translation, as well as prose translations from German and renderings of Japanese haiku. The introduction is challenging and notable.
John Holcombe: Text-Etc.

A richly orchestrated site, presenting some fascinating material about poetry in general, as well as translations of specific poets and the issues raised in translating them. The site generously allows the free use of material for non-commercial purposes.
Tony Kline: Poetry in Translation

An extremely rich resource, presenting translations of renowned texts from the major European languages, as well as from Chinese, Latin, and ancient Greek. A particularly praiseworthy aspect of the site is its generosity. All the translations can be downloaded, edited, and copied for non-commercial purposes.